Talk With An Experienced Doctor Who Is Also A Litigator

We offer consultations for medical malpractice and personal injury cases in Morgantown, WV and surrounding areas

When a client approaches you with a medical malpractice claim or personal injury case, do you know how to handle it? Do you know if it’s worth taking on? Before you seek a leal nurse consultant in Morgantown, WV, contact Myerberg Law PLLC for a consultation to assist you with your medical-legal related case.

With training and a background as a practicing physician, research scientist, and litigator, Dr. Myerberg can identify subtle facts and interconnections that might otherwise be missed in medical records and relevant medical literature. He will connect you with the medical experts your case requires.
Medical Malpractice | Peronal Injury | Legal Medical Expert

Contact Myerberg Law PLLC today to learn more about our personal injury and medical malpractice attorney consultations in Morgantown, WV and surrounding areas.

We’ll help you identify whether you have a valid medically-related claim

Dr. Myerberg has substantial experience at reviewing medical records, finding relevant literature and creating pointed medical summaries for successful litigation. We will put you in touch with a variety of medical experts who we identify, contact and retain for their clinical, research and teaching skills. He can:

  • Screen cases
  • Collect medical records
  • Pinpoint chronologies
  • Review medical records
  • Determine standard of care, causation, injury and damages
  • Analyze relevant medical literature

Talk to him when you need assistance with opposing medical and scientific experts in an effort to unearth flaws in their personal reports and testimony. Schedule a medical malpractice or personal injury attorney consultation in Morgantown, WV and surrounding areas, today.

How We Charge

Dr. Myerberg charges $150 per hour for each session. The average medical expert ranges from $250 to $1000 per hour. Dr. Myerberg will do a complete review of records with literature in 5 to 15 hours, depending on the complexity of the case. (Average Total Charges = $750 to $2250.) This will provide you of a comprehensive review of breach and causation, which will help to guide you in decision-making for your case.

We offer more than 22 years of medical-legal experience

Dr. Myerberg was a practicing medical doctor for 20 years before attending law school and practicing law for another 22 years. These days, he focuses on being a consultant for other attorneys who have medical cases but aren’t sure if these are worth taking on. He’s a licensed physician and attorney with more experiencec than a legal nurse consultant.

Myerberg Law PLLC is located in Morgantown, WV but helps attorneys all over the state and country. Call 304-290-3310 today to get help from a medical-legal expert.

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